About Us

About Centre for Sports Law

About Us

Centre for Sports Law is an organization founded by a group of lawyers with a passion for sports. The main aim of the organization is to promote and protect the rights of sports person.

Our Mission

Sport is an extremely powerful social and cultural force in society and as such access to and participation in sports is paramount. In light of this, Centre for Sports Law aims to safeguard the rights of sportspeople, sports entities and federations and ensure values of good sportsmanship are maintained.


Promote sports education, fair play and ethics in sports across Kenya and Africa as a whole.
Facilitate the identification and training of young talented sports persons and encourage them to reach their full potential.
Provide legal advice and representation to sports persons on issues concerning sports.
Collaborate and partner with academic institutions in research on Sports Law, Sports and other related fields
To cultivate good values among sports persons and eventually create good role models in the society.
To instill values of good sportsmanship and discourage social vices such as drug abuse irresponsible sexual behavior, doping, and other social vices
Organize sporting events and recreational activities.