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  • THE MAURICE ODUMBE CASE: Odumbe A victim of Advocate’s Tactical Mistake?

    On 17/8/04, Maurice Odumbe, then a Kenya cricket international, was handed a 5 year cricket ban by the Kenya Cricket Association (KCA). The ban was handed to the cricketer following recommendations made by a committee set up by the KCA to investigate the cricketer’s conduct in relation to claims of misconduct and match fixing leveled […]

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  • Sports Decisions: is the long arm of the law reaching for Private Sports Clubs?

    Historically, the courts have been very slow to find the existence of an express or implied right to challenge the decisions of sports associations. In the Australian case of Australian Football League Vs. Carlton Football Club Limited, the learned judge held that, “… the kind of organizations with whose internal decisions the courts have declined […]

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  • Doping in Athletics: What You Need to Know

    World Anti-Doping Agency (WADA) president, John Fahey, visited Kenya last year following reports from a German television station that there was widespread doping amongst Kenyan Athletes. Just a few weeks ago track legendMoses Kiptanui, a former 3000m steeplechase world record holder made similar remarks in the media. Some Kenyan Athletes have been suspended from competition […]

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  • Anti-doping & top Kenyan Athletes – Lessons from Rita Jeptoo’s Case

    There is a great deal of information as well as misinformation about Rita Jeptoo’s case. Hopefully this article will shed a light on the issue and encourage positive debate. Rita Jeptoo is a renowned Kenyan marathon runner whose sample tested positive for EPO – full name- erythropoietin  (pronounced eh-ri-thro-poy-tin) aprohibited substance on the IAAF prohibited list . The […]

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  • Jurisdictional Handicaps of The Sports Disputes Tribunal

    The enactment of the Sports Act 2013 ushered in a new order in sports dispute resolution. The Act established the sports disputes tribunal and empowered it to resolve certain sports disputes specified in the Act. A chairman and other members of the tribunal have since been appointed to carry out the mandate of the sports […]

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