What we do

These are some of the things that CSL deals with

Centre for Sports law specializes in the following areas:

Facilitating the identification and training of new talent.

This is possible by supporting young talented athletes and sports persons from Disadvantaged backgrounds in Kenya train, educate and encourage them to reach their full potential, that would otherwise be out of reach.

Providing legal advice and representation to sportspersons.

To offer and provide professional legal assistance, services and advice or other assistance in defence of rights of sportsmen and sports entities. These include contract drafting, negotiation, and court representation

Raising public awareness and educating on issues affecting sportspersons

Through seminars, workshops and campaigns in order to instil values of good sportsmanship and discourage social vices such as drug abuse irresponsible sexual behaviour doping and other social vices.

Holding the relevant state agencies accountable on matters affecting sportspersons

Rehabilitation of sportspersons